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Tax Conflict Resolution

Our Enrolled Agents represent the taxpayer in resolution of tax debt and penalties, both on the IRS level and on the state level. We can stop garnishment orders and seizure of taxpayer’s assets. We also structure payment plans, appeal penalties, and prepare Offers-in-Compromise which can reduce client’s tax debt, and in some instances, can even get the tax debt owed to the government to be deemed "Uncollectible". Our success rate is extremely high, much greater than the national average even with professional representation, and almost always more successful than cases that are handled by the taxpayer without professional representation. If you are faced with income taxes that you owe and are unable to pay them off at once, contact us for a free consultation to see if you are one of the many taxpayers that can be helped by us. Ignoring the reality of being faced with unaffordable tax debt can only makes matters worse and your assets are at risk of being seized by the government to pay on this debt. The tax debt rarely, if ever, goes away and continues to accrue additional interest on the unpaid balance.