Childrens books that promote equality and diversity

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childrens books that promote equality and diversity

Children's Books about Diversity & Equality - Imagine Forest

It is important that every preschool teacher and parent have access to great picture books. You also need books that help children develop their own character. This list focuses on building community through inclusion and the strength that comes from a diverse community. Some of the books teach this explicitly, and some are more implicit with the lesson. All have wonderful messages for young children. Morris is just who he is. Who he happens to be is a boy who loves to dress up in an orange dress.
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Same Difference (A Children's Book Story by Calida Rawles) - Official Video

Picture Books That Promote Diversity and Inclusion

This website uses cookies in order to enhance your experience. Please review our Privacy Policy to learn how we may use cookies and how you can change your browser settings to disable cookies. By continuing to use this website without changing your settings, you consent to our use of cookies. Books can take us to places we've never been. They teach us how other people think, live, dream, and thrive. And stories that highlight diversity, fairness, and empathy can even change people's minds about tough issues. But while fiction books with diverse casts of characters are on the rise overall, many books still don't include any specific cultural content.

The world is a diverse place. In order to raise kids in this world, we need to teach them about people outside of their immediate family. On the other hand, some kids grow up not seeing themselves or their family represented in any of the books they read or the TV shows and movies they watch. As I began to research this topic, I quickly realized this could get out of control, so I made the parameters pretty strict: these are all picture books and a few board books —depending on the book, the age range is 1—8. This a perfect book for classrooms, because it depicts a group of kids in a day at their school.

Specifically, books that teach kindness, inclusion and the importance of diversity. I truly believe educating our kids has the power to change the world, which is why I have started to use the hashtag raisethechange on social media. I have purchased many books in the past year in an effort to teach these virtues to my children including a few mentioned here and would love to grow our collection. Hopefully, my readers will follow my lead and add some of these books to their bookshelves as well or share their recommendations in the comments below. My children are young, only two and four, but I often find myself grappling with how I will approach daunting conversations I know we must have in the very near future.

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Children’s Books About Diversity and Inclusion (in General)



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