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Gift-giving became that much more difficult when the Age of Streaming arrived — DVDs and CDs are no longer the objects of desire they once were. Gifts for Divers — books to suit all tastes — Pt1. This uplifting book about a self-imposed race against time should appeal to all wreck-hunters. It focuses on 18 major losses, mostly diveable, including Lusitania, Carpathia and Alaunia, and rounds up 66 more. Dive Scapa Flow, by Rod Macdonald There are many books about this world-class wreck-site off Orkney, based on the German High Seas fleet scuttling of , but this one is masterful in meshing history with diving experiences, and its wreck illustrations are a big plus. Now in its sixth incarnation and twice as thick as it was originally, this centenary edition benefits from inclusion of the latest sonar scans.
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Voyage into the planet's past and future with Robert Macfarlane, return to Gilead in Margaret Atwood's explosive follow-up to The Handmaid's Tale and celebrate the 70th anniversary of the dystopian classic Nineteen Eighty-Four. These are the books and literary moments to look out for in How can the story of an imaginary pig and a kindly barrista help solve any problem? Power through the 3pm slump, feel more productive, sleep well and lose unwanted weight. When Gustav Kleinmann and his son were seized by the Nazis in , it was the start of an unimaginable ordeal. Through the horrors, there was one constant that kept them going: the love between father and son.

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The beauty of being independent part 8 million is that you can have an idea and then…make it happen. No filling out forms in triplicate or presentations to the board for us! For Proust it was the taste of a madelaine, for many of us it is the smell of beloved books that instantly whisks us back to a key time or place. Bookshop Magic is available in two […]. This seductively creepy and gripping psychological drama opens at a scene quite familiar to staff and customers of this shop. The book in question, a biography […].


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