Ensure childrens health and safety book

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ensure childrens health and safety book

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We believe that the health and safety of children is of paramount importance. The certificate for public liability insurance is displayed in:. Children benefit from being taken outside of the premises on visits or trips to local parks, or other suitable venues, for activities which enhance their learning experiences. We ensure that there are procedures to keep children safe on outings; all staff and volunteers are aware of and follow the procedures as laid out below. We make our setting a safe and healthy place for children, parents, staff and volunteers by assessing and minimising the hazards and risks to enable the children to thrive in a healthy and safe environment. Taking note of aspects of your workplace and activities that could cause harm, either to yourself or to others, and deciding what needs to be done to prevent that harm, making sure this is adhered to. This is particularly important when balancing the need for children to be able to take appropriate risks through physically challenging play.
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Health and Safety Policy

Our school is the working environment for many groups of individuals and plays host to many others. It is important, therefore, that a safe environment is established in which children and adults can work together with confidence. It is the responsibility of the senior management team and governing body to ensure this is the case. In order to promote this we must all take responsibility for being vigilant and be aware of possible risks. Children and adults should be encouraged to keep themselves and one another safe and share any concerns they may have swiftly and appropriately. We must also, however, be aware of the need to keep a balance between security and safety and the maintenance of a comfortable, welcoming learning environment.

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Melanie Pilcher, policy and standards manager at the Pre-school Learning Alliance, outlines the importance of maintaining a comprehensive health and safety policy…. Every child deserves the best possible start in life, with the opportunity to develop in an environment both safe and secure. Parents who use early years services should be able to do so with the utmost confidence that their children will be getting the best possible experiences and are protected from harm at all times. The general legal requirements, including those concerning health and safety, are supported by more detailed specific legal requirements. Both the general and specific legal requirements have the force of regulations and must be complied with by all early years providers.

Health and Safety Policy

Nursery practitioners are committed to providing a safe, healthy environment where children can learn and develop. Practitioners work closely with parents and health care professionals to ensure all children access nursery facilities safely. In order to ensure the nursery maintains a high standard of health and safety the nursery has developed the following procedures that all nursery practitioners follow:. Nursery practitioners ensure all children are supervised at all times, this includes children sleeping in beds and on mats in quiet areas. Children in cots must be checked every 10 minutes. The manager or person in charge must ensure staff to child ratios and required space per child is maintained at all times when grouping children and deploying practitioners. It is essential that there are always two nursery practitioners present when children are on the premises.

Early years settings must follow common sense as well as the law on safety matters, says Mary Evans. Accidents can occur even in the best-run nurseries, but with an effective health and safety policy, backed up by a thorough staff training programme, the risks of serious illness or injury can be greatly reduced. If nursery staff are ever tempted to complain about the restrictive bureaucracy of the house rules covering health and safety, they should remember that the laws were introduced to ensure that employers protected their workers. According to a spokesman for the Health and Safety Executive HSE , the Health and Safety at Work Act and subsequent related regulations require employers to safeguard the people working for them. The law also requires employers to ensure the safety of members of the public who may be affected by their activities, which covers children at nurseries and their parents when they visit the nursery. Guidance that has been issued by the HSE specifically for the education sector covers many issues ranging from tackling violence to coping with contractors working on the premises and to organising farm visits.



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    Every child deserves the best possible start in life, with the opportunity to develop in an Individual employees and service users also have responsibility for ensuring their own health and safety as well as that of others. a health and safety policy should be in place which includes procedures for Manual handling.

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