Differences between girl on the train book and movie

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differences between girl on the train book and movie

The Girl On The Train: 11 Differences Between The Book And The Movie | IndieWire

Sometimes that old saying is right - and the book is just better than the film in every single way. As many fans of Paula Hawkins' The Girl on the Train soon discovered, packing into cinemas to watch the glitzy Hollywood adaptation of what's been invariably described as the next Gone Girl , many were in for something of an unpleasant surprise. Indeed, The Independent 's Geoffrey Macnab described the film as a " jolting and confusing ride ", and book fans are quickly discovering that even Emily Blunt's always stellar work fails to save this cinematic adaptation from becoming a mere shadow of its source material. And let's not even start with the fact that, despite its British star, the film switches up the book's London's setting for New York; without any apparent good reason to do so. Hawkins herself has agreed with critics that Blunt's casting sees her as " too beautiful " to realistically play the self-destructive Rachel, whose character is an overweight alcoholic. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here.
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BOOK VERSUS FILM – All Aboard! The Girl On The Train

Kate Erbland. The thriller unfolds in various compelling ways — playing with both timeline and narrator with ease and smarts — but its basic plotline follows alcoholic Rachel Watson after she discovers that a woman who she sees every day from her morning train commute has gone missing. When Megan goes missing, Rachel plunges into a haphazard investigation that only takes her deeper into her own dark past. Here are the most important ones, from a location switcheroo to a jawdropping new scene to some clever takes on casting. The transition, however, is a relatively smooth one. Instead of Rachel riding the rail into London every morning, eyeing up both the Hipwell home and the house a few doors down that used to belong to her and is now occupied by her ex-husband and his new family , she now takes the Metro North down into Grand Central Station and her non-existent job in New York City. The film does still nod to its British roots, though, as London-born Blunt uses her own accent in the film the Swedish Ferguson, however, is saddled with an American inflection.

He also knew which components he wanted to emphasize. The resulting drama stars Blunt, Haley Bennett , and Rebecca Ferguson as the aforementioned women whose lives unexpectedly tangle in tragedy, danger, and intrigue. Emily Blunt plays this tragic role of a blackout alcoholic so convincingly—and there is not an ounce of awareness, as an audience member, that she is playing drunk as opposed to actually being drunk. How did she prepare for the role? I wanted everybody to wonder if she had been drinking or not been drinking or if she was lying.

In , that book even had train in the title, and keeping up with this girl was a journey nobody wanted to miss. And then came the film …. By the time the film came out in October the following year sales had topped 15 million, and it was fastest selling adult hardcover novel in history. But why? But what if, one day, you learn a terrible secret about one of them? What would you do? Now she clings to her married name as much as the hope her ex-husband will give her another chance, but what Rachel really needs is to give herself another chance.

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For instance, instead of taking place in the drab suburbs of London, the film takes place in the slightly glossier suburbs of New York City — a decision that was made for thematic as well as financial reasons. But, as in every screen adaptation, the movie also departs from the narrative tracks laid down by the original in countless other subtle ways. Well, not countless ways. Spoilers for The Girl on the Train below! Movie: Rachel is a sad and lonely alcoholic who drinks vodka out of a water bottle. Movie: Cathy is played by Laura Prepon, which automatically makes her 30 percent cooler. After the revelations at the end of the film, this scene makes no sense.


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    16 Key Changes Between The Girl on the Train Book and Movie

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    From its very first trailer, it was clear that The Girl on the Train movie would be doing something slightly different from Paula Hawkins's.

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