Fantasy books with magic and romance

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fantasy books with magic and romance

16 Books With Magic and Mythology That Will Absolutely Bewitch You

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Fantasy novels containing all of the above! When adding books, please make sure the genres of magic, adventure, and romance are listed on.

Looking for Epic Fantasy with great romance?

This issue lies with how some online bookstores and bloggers define Epic Fantasy Romance. These books tend to get confused with, and put in the same category as, other types of fantasy romance: alternative history, vampire, werewolf or shifter paranormals. Readers of Epic Fantasy Romance love the tropes of epic fantasy e. Goodreads is a great source for hunting down these novels in this genre. Fantastic, character-driven fantasy about a young woman sentenced to death but given a second chance as a food taster. The story of a brave young woman, who sets out an epic journey to save her brothers. An arranged marriage between a man and woman of vastly different races and cultures, set against the backdrop of political treachery.

My own romance reading is rather varied, but I have a weakness: magic. Magic adds an extra, fantastical element to a romance as characters need to contend with their abilities or fight off powerful villains. Add to Bag. A Discovery of Witches , by Deborah Harkness A Discovery of Witches is probably the first book that comes to mind for books that blend magical elements and romance. Further complicating things, Diana also comes from a long line of witches. If you like strong, powerful heroines with dark secrets and a burgeoning need for revenge, pick this up immediately. She has the rare ability to sense when someone is lying, making her very valuable, especially to Griffin, a normal warlord who has bested a magical family to rule a kingdom.

When a circus sets up overnight in an unsuspecting town and is only open at night, the townspeople are bewildered but there is something even odder going on inside of the tent. Celia and Marco, two magicians, are vying for the same job because the circus only needs one in the end. But, when they start to fall in love, things get complicated and even a little bit dangerous. With the stakes higher than they were expecting, neither of them knows how the story will end. Sola is an ex-thief who has turned over a new leaf and now lives far from her hometown of Caldwell. Although she is a human, a vampire named Assail is in love with her so when Assail falls into a coma and Sola is asked to help, she has mixed feelings about the request. Will she run from this horror or stay with the only man who she ever felt she could truly love?

Romance in fantasy is a common theme.
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If the world around you isn't fulfilling your desire for adventure and romance, you may need to dive into a story filled with supernatural societies, paranormal politics, and romantic bonds between creatures of all kinds. These urban fantasy books all feature likable characters falling for each other against a backdrop of complex magical systems. Forget reality — allow these romantic urban fantasy tales to put a spell on you. Twenty-five-year-old Rae—alias Sunshine—has managed to create a stable life for herself, despite the chaos caused by the Voodoo Wars. She works at a bakery in her small town of New Arcadia, and has a convenient, comfortable relationship with her boyfriend Mel.

You already KNOW we love us a good story with some complex mythology—maybe some dark magic, and a story that ties everything together to boot. From expansive fantasies to world-threatening spells, the books on this list have the elements that make for a spectacular story. So scroll through and add them to your TBR! In modern-day New York, magic is all but extinct. The remaining few who have an affinity for magic—the Mageus—live in the shadows, hiding who they are. Any Mageus who enters Manhattan becomes trapped by the Brink, a dark energy barrier that confines them to the island. Crossing it means losing their power—and often their lives.


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