Golden age comic book bags and boards

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golden age comic book bags and boards

How to Bag and Board Your Comic Book

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Comic Book Care: Comic Bags and Boards

How to Bag and Board Your Comic

Some collectors have a lot of angst about storing their comics. What are the right bags and boards to buy? What about boxes? Comic Bags There is not doubt that mylar is the best material for archival storage of paper collectibles. The Library of Congress uses it, and they know a thing or two about preserving paper products. Mylar: A biaxially extruded polyester film that is simultaneously stretched in two directions to give it maximum strength.

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But there are some simple steps every fan should take to store a comic book collection—to ensure it retains its value and can be enjoyed by the next generation. Whether obsessed with everything Wonder Woman for years or inspired more recently by movies to start collecting Iron Man, our tips from comic-store owners will help you preserve your assets. After all, some comics sell for thousands or even millions of dollars. Bags that protect comics come in different types of clear plastic including polyethylene, polypropylene and mylar. The type you choose may come down to preference and how much you are willing to spend. Again, this also may be a matter of preference, but Michael says he uses Silver Age for all his books, with the exception of Golden Age, which requires a larger format, but some collectors like the tighter fit of Current size so they will buy specific bag sizes. Damage only occurs if the books are exposed to light and air.

Find Comics For Sale. All Stores. What size bags do you use, and why? Xylob Sunday, September 30, PM. I'm going through my latest completed collection and finding that a lot of the issues have HUGE bags. I know some collectors only buy Silver Age or Golden Age size bags regardless of what they're collecting, but I don't understand the rationale behind putting a modern comic in a bag that's way too big. Need help with a Change Request?

The bag and board are the primary way that comic book collectors protect and store their treasured possessions. Without these simple devices, a comic book will simply be destroyed by the elements, as comic books are usually made of fairly flimsy paper. There are actually three kinds of comic book bags — Polypropylene, Polyethylene, and Mylar. It is important to know about the different grades of comic book bags and what they offer the collector. Polypropylene is the cheapest kind of bag out there and is considered by some to be of low quality. On the plus side, the bag is very clear and makes your comic look nice in the glossy plastic. Polyethylene is another kind of comic book bag.


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    Golden Age Comic Book Bags & Backing Boards - NEW Max Archival Storage | eBay

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    The Max Protection Golden Age Comic Bags are an acid free, archival quality product made of crystal clear polypropylene.

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