Batman and robin comic book covers

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batman and robin comic book covers

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The driver, who calls himself Toad, says Batman and Robin are dead. However, they are suddenly being tailed by a flying Batmobile, piloted by [[Richard Grayson. A team of robbers are driving at top speed through Gotham. However, they are suddenly being tailed by a flying Batmobile, piloted by Batman and Robin. Robin mentions that he built this new Batmobile from his father's designs, and a testing relationship is established between the two heroes when Robin cites one of "the rules" to Batman: No real names in the field. The robbers are run into the river, but Toad escapes with a briefcase only to be captured by the Dynamic Duo. The briefcase turns out to be full of dominoes.
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Batman & Robin Custom Variant Comic Book Cover - Part B

The debut of the series followed the events of " Batman R. Morrison returned to writing the characters after being the ongoing writer on Batman from issues — and — While writing for this title, Morrison simultaneously wrote the miniseries The Return of Bruce Wayne and finished his run on the title with issue 16, before moving onto the next phase of his narrative in Batman Incorporated.

Batman and Robin Vol 1 12

From the moment he made his first cover appearance, Batman had a clear sense for the dramatic that has made for some stunning comic book covers over the years. Comic book artists have been especially able to work well with shadows with the character, as his distinctive looks really pops when it is in silhouette. Of course, for many years, Batman covers were as bright as any other comic book heroes, but as the s rolled around, the covers became dark and more distinctive again. Here, we count down Batman's most iconic comic book covers. Let us stress that this does not mean best covers. While many of these covers are excellent covers, we're talking iconic , which is a mix between recognizability and historic importance.

Batman is an ongoing American comic book series featuring the DC Comics superhero Batman as its main protagonist.
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