The beautiful and damned book summary

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the beautiful and damned book summary

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I have a suspicion—which I should hate to have to defend with concrete evidence—that a lot of people in the kindly but cool October of life are pointing to Mr. Scott Fitzgerald as the interpreter of the "younger generation," and are reading him as someone who understands what they do not quite understand nor altogether like, but which fascinates them as May will, I suppose, always fascinate October. They view with alarm this youth whose slogan seems to them to be Freedom is a Bonfire, Come and Jump into it; they recall the crude cruel frankness of our twenties, the young drinking or dancing couples going through the motions of pleasure with faces passionately meaningless; they ruefully, perhaps enviously, accept what they take to be Fitzgerald's testimony and say to themselves, a little too self-consciously perhaps, Blessed be the ugly, for they shall not live on the seamy side of Paradise. As a member of a generation which here chooses to remain nameless, I insist that Mr. Fitzgerald is not a witness, and not an interpreter. His novel may have a contemporary ring and contemporary furniture, but his story is an old one.
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The Beautiful and Damned

These notes were contributed by members of the GradeSaver community. Anthony Patch has graduated from Harvard by , but that is the sum total of his accomplishments. His grandfather, who raised him, is beginning to pressure him to do something productive, and suggests that he write a book, but Anthony's life seems to be one enormous writers' block. He dreads having to sit down and come up with something to write, and most of his days are spent worrying about things from his beautiful bathtub in his ornate apartment. He is frightened of the big wide world and so prefers the safety and comfort of his bathroom, where he feels safe and sound.

Welcome to the LitCharts study guide on F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Beautiful and Damned. Created by the original team behind SparkNotes, LitCharts are the world's best literature guides. The Great American Author. Hip-Hop Renaissance. In addition to two film adaptations and , The Beautiful and Damned has made its way into pop culture through the G-Eazy album of the same name.

In , Anthony Patch has accomplished very little besides graduating from Harvard. Anthony spends far more time dreading the writing process than actually writing. Having lost both his parents at a young age, Anthony worries about death and the dangers of the outside world. The bathroom is a safe haven to which he often retreats. Gloria is a society girl, spending her evenings out on the town and using her beauty to convince men to pay her way. Anthony is fascinated by her seeming ability to get by on nothing but her looks.

The Beautiful and Damned , first published by Scribner's in , is F.
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