Social and cultural history of andhra pradesh books

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social and cultural history of andhra pradesh books

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ISBN: This third volume in the Comprehensive History and Culture of Andhra Pradesh series spans the Early Medieval period, from ad to This period was one of distributive economics and regional cultures, and marked a transition in the political, economic, social and cultural spheres. Identity and status were provided to Telugu, the language of the land, and also to various communities in the varna structure. The role of landed intermediaries and of religious sects —Pasupata, Kalamukha, Kapalika, Siddha, Jaina — was significant. The patrimonial states of the Banas, Renadu Cholas and Nolambas, and Gangas of Kalinga held their respective regions, acknowledging Chalukyan overlordship.
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The functions of the Commission are enumerated in the Article of the Constitution. The Exam pattern would follow in Exams both in English medium and Telugu medium. The following table is the Pattern of group 2 Examination.

Social-Cultural History of Andhra Pradesh [ TELUGU MEDIUM ]

Soma Reddy Tulika Books. This volume on Andhra Pradesh covers the period to , which witnessed the rise of large regional state powers such as the Vijayanagara kingdom, the Bahmanis, Gajapatis, Musunuris, Recherlas, Reddis, and Later Gangas. The political formations of the period were military-centered as witnessed by the well-organized nayamkara system, which revolved around the creation of nayamkaras or military chiefs, and was the mainstay of the Vijayanagara rulers. There was large-scale expansion of agriculture with the introduction of new crops like tobacco, tomato, potato and chillies, and phenomenal growth of trade in commodities like cotton and indigo. The trading and artisanal communities were organized in powerful guilds. The constant flux of peoples of different languages, faiths, cultural modes, and professions led to a liberal spirit of tolerance. Telugu literature flourished, and new genres were introduced in which outstanding works were created.

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For the benefit of aspirants here we are giving some important Group 1 Reference Books. Earliest Times to Present Times. The Non-Brahman movement in Western India. Desai — Social Background of Indian Nationalism. I to IV. Aravind S.

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Andhra Pradesh is one of the 29 states of India whose recorded history begins in the Vedic period. In the sixth century BCE, Assaka was one of the sixteen mahajanapadas. The kingdom reached its zenith under Gautamiputra Satakarni. At the end of the period, the Telugu region was divided into fiefdoms ruled by lords. During the fourth century, the Pallava dynasty extended their rule from southern Andhra Pradesh to Tamilakam and established their capital at Kanchipuram.



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