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miss o and friends books

Juliette Brindak Created Miss O And Friends - Business Insider

Graphic: Business Wire. The page collection of poems and fiction was written by girls ages , residing in multiple states from around the country and even internationally with a story from a girl living in Bangkok, Thailand. The collection showcases the winners of a writing contest held on the Miss O and Friends. Ranging in topics from friendship to family, crushes to adventure--the Miss O credo of "by girls Each story is fun to read, action-packed and chock-full of challenging tween scenarios steeped in real-life experiences and hurdles. According to Watson-Guptill Publications, publisher of the six-book series, Miss O and her friends are, "Cool, hip, self-assured in their friendships and themselves, these five real girls ARE tween girls. Books will be available wherever books are sold.
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Juliette Brindak Interview - Miss O & Friends

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Thank you DoSomething. Love everything you do!!! Our friends at DoSomething. See below for all the deets! What she really needs is a new best friend!

Mean, unfair, strict Gross—but could it be true? When other mysterious stories around the school demand investigation, Miss O and her friends Justine, Harlie, and Isabella, along with her sister, Juliette, create a Web site to get to the bottom of them. Will it be Miss O who vindicates the very teacher who wants to fail her? This first book in the Miss O and Friends series introduces the five friends with a lively, engaging story that teaches about working with others, problem-solving, taking action, and keeping an open mind. Each book in the Miss O and Friends series is told from the perspective of one of the friends, focusing on her unique perspective and interests, and each one is fun to read, action-packed, and full of answers and sound advice for meeting the real-life challenges of tween girls. She lives in San Lorenzo, California.

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Juliette Brindak Juliette Brindak started a social networking site for tweens when she was 16, and it's doing better than ever. Miss O And Friends generates 10 million monthly visits, a twenty-fold increase from its inception in The main cool girl, Miss O, represents her younger sister Olivia. In the beginning — like many startups — Brindak reached out to family members and friends for investment money. Her mother, a graphic designer, brought her drawings to life while her father, who has a background in business, aided in the fundamentals of creating the company. What started out as a few sketches on the way home from a family vacation quickly ballooned into a haven for millions of adolescents. Now, at 23, Brindak isn't as in tune with what tween girls are looking for, so she uses the site as an avenue to understand their needs.


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