Childrens books from the 80s and 90s

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childrens books from the 80s and 90s

Children's Books from the 80s that Kids and Parents Still Adore

I included a mix of lesser known s books plus a handful of classics you may have heard of, but may not yet have read. I do think there is something for everyone on this list! Note: book covers and titles are affiliate links. There are several categories of tales ranging from animal trickster tales, tales of the supernatural and slave tales of freedom. At the end of each short story, Hamilton includes her notes on the origin of the tale and its dialect.
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10 Book Series 90's Kids will Remember

15 YA Books From The ’80s And ’90s That Have Stood The Test Of Time

YA thriller superstar Duncan is at her peak in this novel of evil identical twins, magical necklaces, and astral projection — problems we all struggled with in our teen years, right? Not the first queer YA novel, but the first major one to offer its heroines the kind of happily-ever-after ending previously seen only in straight romances. Wright's sensitive supernatural tales about girls with eerie abilities — who still have to deal with stuff like divorcing parents and school bullies — have aged incredibly well. This story about the emotional distance that develops between two middle school friends remains resonant for anyone still trying to figure out why some friendships fade and why your best friend's other group of friends are such assholes. Lowry's volumes about neurotic tween intellectual Anastasia might be even more exciting to read as an adult — after all, now you understand how truly weird it was that she had a bust of Sigmund Freud. Soon after she started chronicling the babysitting life in Stoneybrook, Martin also published this extremely dark teen novel about popularity, cruelty, and that paper-based precursor to internet bullying, the slam book.

There was a time before texting and Snapchat, before streaming endless television, before being able to snap a selfie and get the opinion of a dozen friends on your outfit for the evening. Oh gosh. If you caught yourself devouring as many paperbacks as Christopher Pike a. Said to be "The Breakfast Club" meets "Pretty Little Liars," the story centers on five students walking into detention and only four leaving. Because, of course, one of them is dead.

No matter how many books you read throughout your childhood and adult life, there'll always be a few that stick out. In celebration of International Children's Book Day , we've rounded up some of The Huffington Post UK's favourite children's books that'll take you on a trip down memory lane through the decades. The day is celebrated on Hans Christian Andersen's birthday on 2 April every year and aims to inspire a love of reading and bring children's books to the forefront. Follow Us. Part of HuffPost Parents. All rights reserved. You never know, it might even inspire you to pull out a few old books to read to your kids.

It’s easy to get a little wistful when you revisit the covers of your favorite books growing up. Maybe you remember your fourth-grade teacher holding up the book as she read it aloud, or you recall how dog-eared your own copy became after years of re-reading. If you grew up in the.
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Yes, we watched a lot of Nickelodeon and were busy playing Super Mario on our Nintendo 64s, but contrary to popular belief we did a heck a lot of reading too. - Love You Forever is one of the creepiest damn books ever. Your son is an adult!

Posted By Emily Rokke on May 31, 0 comments. What does a sweet little girl with a longing to learn and a young cartoon turtle have in common? Matilda and Franklin are just a couple characters to come out of these great kids books of the decade. Matilda was an extraordinary little girl who read everything she could get her hands on and always strived for more knowledge. The book was later made into a movie and both still capture the hearts of children today. Roald Dahl wrote Matilda and it was first published in in London.

When I first published my 50 Classic Picture Books and 20 Classic Chapter Books to Read Aloud With Year Olds book lists both of which feature books published prior to the s I had many people comment to me that there are also many fabulous titles that were published in the 80s and 90s. Of course they were right. Some of my all time favourite picture books fall into that category. How many of these 50 Childhood Favourites from the 80s and 90s have you read? Duck in the Truck by Jez Alborough First published Who Sank the Boat?

Prepare for flashbacks to the book fair! This book was the coolest because the caterpillar actually ate holes through the pages before turning into a beautiful butterfly at the end. This "circular tale" made you keep coming back even after your teacher or librarian read it multiple times to you in class. These books didn't require as much reading as they did searching, but they were still books that you brought home often from the school library. They were perfect for you and your friends on the bus ride home!


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