What is book smart and street smart

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what is book smart and street smart

Book smarts vs. Street smarts | Scott Berkun

In a series of posts, called readers choice , I write on whatever topics readers submit. Both is often an option. But they are fun: so please assume someone took my lunch and refused to give it back until I picked a side. Also see: The false dichotomy of false dichotomies ]. There is no doubt in my mind street smarts kicks book smarts ass.
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Published 03.01.2019


Being street smart beats being book smart any day of the week. Here's why and how you can become street smart too.

Street Smarts, Book Smarts, Or Both?

Top definition. Being able to succeed scholastically, and not necessarily in the real world. The general definition of book smart is someone who is intelligent and very well educated academically. However, the term is usually used to contrast and compare with another term known as " street smart ". The stereotype of a book smart person is someone who is upper-class and well educated but less knowledgeable when it comes to handling important situations faced in bad neighborhoods and lower-class city areas a. However, the stereotype of a street smart person is someone who is intelligent and knows how to handle important situations in the streets but is not as well-educated academically. The more extreme and negative stereotypes are that book smart people are naive, easily manipulated, and have bad judgment in bad situations, while street smart people are unintelligent and incapable of achieving a higher education.

See comments. Today, we will talk about the word "smart. A person wearing an official uniform with shiny shoes and buttons can look very smart. So, if you hit your thumb with a hammer by accident, you might yell out, "Ow, that smarts! We would probably yell something quite different. But a hurtful comment or remark can also smart.

I have met some of the smartest dumb people in my life because they live their lives through what they learned in school. This begs me to ask the question, which is more valuable in life: book smarts or street smarts? Street smarts refer to the tactical knowledge you gain through experience whereas book smarts relate to what you learn in school. There are certain skills you need to become successful in life that can only be gained through experience. Someone with street smarts is intelligent, has good common sense, and knows how to handle unfortunate situations. They let their intuition drive their behavior and are comfortable navigating through unfamiliar situations. Remember, neither Steve Jobs nor Michael Dell had a college degree, yet both were beyond prosperous.

There is no doubt in my mind street smarts kicks book smarts ass. To be street smart means you have situational awareness. You can assess.
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Lets join the debate of importance of cognitive intelligence IQ and emotional intelligence EQ. Emotional intelligence quotient scores are in decline all over the world, according to research done by the Emotional Intelligence Network, a non-profit whose mission is to foster and raise awareness of EQ through research and education. It tracks emotional intelligence levels among , people in countries using online tests. Another culprit is our growing reliance on technology and social media for communication. The emotionally intelligent child is also one who can label her own emotions accurately, regulate them and control reactions to them; for example, she can verbalize her anger or frustration and think of ways to defuse her feelings rather than throw a book against the wall.


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