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stephen king books and summaries

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One of the masters of American horror fiction, author Stephen King has a oeuvre of more than 88 books which includes some of the most genre-defining, best-selling titles in all of literature. From nightmare clowns to pussycats rising from the grave, King has captivated readers with his penchant for imaginative yet believable plots, colorful and three-dimensional characters, and images that sear into our minds and leave our psyches shell-shocked. Why 13? Because King and much of the world has triskaidekaphobia; an irrational fear toward this number, so it seemed fitting. Think Jaws, but with a pound Saint Bernard. New England vampires.
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Stephen King’s IT (Book) – Thug Notes Summary & Analysis

You Need to Read These Top 10 Stephen King Books

Stephen King is one of the most prolific authors in the world, with more than 50 books in print, and more coming out every year. He also happens to be one of my favorite storytellers, an author I've read more than any other. In fact, I've read every book he's ever written, so that puts me in the unique position of being a "constant reader," as he calls us in his introductions — not an expert, but certainly a passionate follower and devout fan, though not his "number one fan. When it comes to putting together an "essential" reading list, I'm sure many books will be left off, some of your favorites, perhaps. But I had to whittle this down to what I consider his best work, his most important books. These are the 10 or so books that I think are "must-reads. So many people criticize King, without even realizing that they enjoyed movies that were written by him: Shawshank Redemption , The Green Mile , and Stand By Me , for example.

Stephen King introduced me to horror. He got me addicted to reading. I try to devour anything he writes, and most of the time, I am not left disappointed. He is my favorite writer, so obviously I felt compelled to summarize every one of his books using the character limits of Twitter. And yes, I realize someday I will have to explain to my grandchildren why I spent an entire Sunday writing this article. Until then….

Add to Bag. To Be Determined: The Institute. The children are watched over by the cruel, exacting director Mrs. The Tommyknockers. King has been open about his past drug abuse and other issues, and admits he wrote this book while high as a kite. It shows. Oh lord, does it show.

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Top 10 Stephen King Novels

Stephen King's It: Chapter Two is now hitting theaters, so it's no surprise that Hollywood is dishing out King-inspired media faster than ever before. Mercedes and The Mist , Stephen King's stories have never been more popular among thrill-seekers. Newcomers to King's prolific works often find it tough to decide which book to start with. While it's nearly impossible to narrow down King's exhaustive body of work to just 10 novels and everyone has their own favorites , we've provided a list of what we consider his greatest hits. Let's start with the honorable mentions: Needful Things , Thinner , and Pet Sematary were narrowly squeezed out but are worth exploring if you find yourself looking for more. The Dark Tower series is also masterful but didn't make the list because no single book does it justice. That's one epic that needs to be appreciated as a complete body of work.


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