Inspirational quotes from superheroes and comic books

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inspirational quotes from superheroes and comic books

12 Comic Book Quotes Everyone Should Live By

Speaking about the project, Thompson states:. I gave this some deeper thought and realized that the oath is, in a way, applicable to real life. Anyone, should they choose, can swear an oath to stand against evil. Then it hit me. Have all comic heroes said things that are applicable in real life? Have they all said things that can inspire any of us, comic fan or not? You can take a look at his full portfolio on Behance here.
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Top 10 Superhero Catchphrases

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12 Comic Book Quotes Everyone Should Live By

Forget about super-strength, laser vision, or the ability to consume any type of matter in the universe; the best superhero power might just be the way they inspire and motivate us. Superheroes can be empowering and inspirational for both children and adults. From the smallest boy and girl wonders to the oldest Captains, each superhero has their own lesson to bestow on the next generation. Despite their superpowers and the colossal obstacles that they face, many of their messages in movies, television, and comic books can resonate with normal human beings too! Many kids love to play as superheroes, so it is important that they convey noble, uplifting sentiments.

How many inspirational quotes can you pack into a single article? Superheroes and inspirational quotes tend to go hand and in hand. Or both. In your line of work it seems better that way. Wonder Girl-Well, yeah. Aunt May-You know, like when a nephew gets plopped into your lap and you have to raise him. Storm-Very true.


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    What it truly means to be a hero is found not only in the action of our supers but the words they use to inspire us.

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