The book thief quotes and page numbers

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the book thief quotes and page numbers

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It was a year for the ages, like 79, like , to name just a few. Forget the scythe, Goddamn it, I needed a broom or a mop. And I needed a vacation. Sometimes I think my papa is an accordion. When he looks at me and smiles and breathes, I hear the notes.
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The Book Thief

Toggle navigation. Death is the narrator of the book and the book is seen entirely from the perspective of Death. He is telling us here the book is about Liesel, her books, Hans, Erik and their shared accordion, the Nazis, Max- Erik's son, and the books Liesel steals. The rest of the book is spent explaining these subjects. To be truthful the book had fallen to the ground and she picked it up. It was entitled The Grave Digger's Handbook and belonged to the apprentice grave digger who helped dig her brother's grave.

All rights reserved. The Book Thief Quotes See more famous quotes from literature. Love Quotes. From the toolbox the boy took out, of all things, a teddy bear. He reached in through the torn windshield and placed it on the pilot's chest. The book thief has struck for the first time — the beginning of an illustrious career.

Important Quotations Explained

After encountering Max being forced on the way to a concentration camp, Liesel becomes hopeless and disdainful of the written word, seeing Hitler's words as the source of her suffering. Ilsa Hermann gives her a blank book and encourages her to write; Liesel writes the story of her life, containing both tragedy and beauty, at a fevered pace. Liesel has come to the realization that words can cause both violence and comfort, and she strives to make them "right" by combating vicious propaganda with writing that emanates from selflessness and love. I'll help you out. Find yourself a mirror while I continue. Far from being a Grim Reaper-like representation, The Book Thief 's Death is a weary and cynical character with the relatively menial duty of carrying away the souls of the recently deceased. Yet Death's job is made more difficult by the sheer number of people who die by the hands of others in World War II -- Death seems to agonize most over the gas chambers, literal killing machines at Nazi death camps.


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    Yes, often, I am reminded of her, and in one of my vast array of pockets, I have kept her story to retell.

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    The Book Thief Quotes by Markus Zusak

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